The Becket Way 
Wilford Lane, West Bridgford 
Nottingham, NG2 7QY
0115 982 4280

Lettings Information

Our Facilities
The Becket School is keen to encourage the use of our facilities by both community groups and by local business. 

Please browse the information we have made available to you on our website.
We have a wide range of facilities available for hire, from high quality sporting facilities to state of the art technology and performing art spaces.
Please feel free to contact the school direct using the contact us section of the website, or by telephoning on 0115 982 4280.
We try our utmost to ensure our prices are competitive and we are sure you will find our facilities are of the highest order.
We believe that the quality of our facilities is best reflected in the high profile community groups who have long standing relationships with the school.
Our current prices are available by following this link.
Making A Booking
The school’s facilities are available to hire seven days a week.

Our normal opening times are:

Monday to Friday 6.00pm to 10.00pm
Saturday 10.00am to 9.30pm
Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm (8:00pm in the summer)

If you have specific requirements outside of these times, please contact our facilities team on
 0115 982 4280 and we will make every attempt to meet your requirements wherever possible.

For hirers who use the School on a regular basis bookings may be made up to a year (52 weeks) in advance on an annual booking cycle.
On occasions the school may be required for school use and all those these are kept to a minimum the school’s requirement will take priority. We will always endeavour to provide you with advanced warning and where possible will provide you will alternative facilities.
The school does reserves the right to refuse bookings particularly those which we feel do not match the school’s ethos.
All bookings will be confirmed in writing by the school, with a confirmation of the agreed price and our terms and conditions attached. This agreement should be signed and returned to the school ahead of the letting taking place.
Under no circumstances should the letting proceed until the signed agreement has been returned to the school
Health & Safety
+ Hirers will be issued with an External Lettings Emergency Procedure set of instructions.

+ Hirers have a responsibility to ensure that all activities are safe and to safeguard their membership from violence or any avoidable harm.

+ Hirers should ensure that any equipment that they bring into the School or use in the School is safe and suitable for the use to which it is put.

+ Hirers must ensure that DBS checks are in place when necessary.

+ If anyone is injured whilst on the school site this must be reported to the lettings team so that first aid can be initiated and procedures followed.

+ Hirers need to arrange insurance to cover any damage to the premises, furniture/fittings and to indemnity the School against all actions relating to personal loss, damage or injury.

+ Hirers who arrange an activity that is potentially dangerous must ensure that any instructors or leaders are suitably qualified.
A one off hire payment in full will be required at the time of booking – an invoice will be issued.

Regular users (who book blocks of 10 weeks or more) will be invoiced once per month in advance.

The school will seek to recover any costs incurred by the school as a result of any damage or misuse of school, furniture, equipment or property. This includes any charges incurred for additional cleaning costs.

If you need to cancel a letting, you must provide the school with at least 1 week’s notice. If this notice period is not adhered to, the school reserves the right to charge for the letting in full.
Bad Weather
If after being assessed by Facilities Staff, the All Weather Pitches or Grass Pitches are deemed unsuitable for play all hirers will be contacted and advised as soon as possible.
The school site is a no smoking area. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the school gates. This includes electronic cigarettes.

The school site is a dog free site. Please do not bring dogs or other animals on to the school premises.

Please do not drop litter. We have provided a number of bins around the site for your convenience.