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“I have come in order that you might have life - life in all it's fulness. John 10:10”

'In Art and Design our curriculum enables each individual student to use their imagination and express
their creativity using a range of media and techniques. In addition to practical skills students learn
transferable skills - critical thinking, risk taking and resilience. Through the study of art, students gain a
cultural and historical understanding and an appreciation of the world around them.'

R Dunstall ~ Leader of Learning

Art Curriculum Intent
Core Objectives
Curriculum- To provide a broad and balanced Art curriculum, that enables students to express their own ideas using different materials and processes, together with the
appreciation, knowledge and understanding of artwork from a range of sources.

Responsible citizens- Through the organisation, routines and responsibilities needed for a practical subject. Through team working skills and supporting others. Developing
creative thinking skills and resilience; the ability to task risks with their work, to learn from mistakes and understand how to develop and improve.

Stretch and challenge- Challenging objectives linked to GCSE Assessment Objectives from Year 7 onwards. Students are encouraged to read around the topics covered. To challenge themselves with extension tasks.
Key Principle 1 - Gospel Values
Learning about artwork and artists from different cultures and periods in history, an appreciation and understanding of other beliefs.

Our subject prayer and our Patron Saint day competition.

Developing students’ own faith through studying church artwork; stained glass windows and sculptures.

Expressing opinions with thought and consideration and respecting the opinions of others.

High expectations for behaviour and learning, following the Becket Way.

Thoughtful citizens- teamwork skills, supporting and respecting others opinions in peer assessment, class discussions and feedback
Key Principle 2 - Powerful Knowledge
Ensuring that skills and knowledge are built up through the key stages, with strong links to the GCSE assessment objectives structure from the start of Year 7.

To develop skills and confidence using a range of materials and techniques and the ability to record ideas and critical thinking in sketchbooks.

Students are taught key concepts and terminology in KS3 with the aim that they can use these independently and with confidence in KS4.

Delivering a curriculum that enhances creative thinking, students cultural capital and links to the modern Art and Design world using relevant media and technology.

Enable students to have the knowledge and understanding to work independently. The confidence to include their mistakes and learn from these to develop high ability media
handling skills.
Key Principle 3 - Enrichment
Promoting Art competitions and the school House competitions.

Year 7 and 8 art club at lunchtime and extra sessions afterschool for KS4 and KS5 students.

Showcasing student work at the Creative Arts Evening and the school production.

Visits to galleries and exhibitions for KS4 and KS5 linked to curriculum projects. Visiting artists/designers and art workshops.

Cultural capital will be built through the use of inspirational artwork displays of both student and professional artists work, together with current art news, gallery and exhibition information.