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Subject Leader: Miss R Dunstall
What Specification (syllabus) is being taught?
AQA Art and Design (Fine art) 8202/C 8202/X
Component 1 (Coursework Portfolio) 8202/C 60%
Component 2 (Externally set assignment) 8202/X 40%
Link to specification here
What are the key topics and themes? When will they be taught?
The coursework contains 2-3 projects. Coursework is taught from the start of Year 9 until the beginning of January in Year 11. At the start of January, students receive their exam paper and are given a choice of themes. They have approximately 11 weeks to plan their exam piece and to practice techniques. The exam takes place in April.
How will my son or daughter be assessed? When do these assessments take place?
Students will complete 2-3 main coursework projects and an exam project which are assessed in 4 main areas: developing imaginative ideas, experimenting with materials, recording ideas and observations, producing a meaningful response (a final piece).
Coursework counts for 60% of the final mark.

The exam is a practical exam which takes place over 10 hours (2 school days) during which time they will produce their final piece. This counts for 40% of the final mark.
What can my son or daughter do to support their learning at home?
What materials are provided or available online?
● Visit art exhibitions, galleries and arts and craft events for inspiration.
● Practise using different art media and techniques at home to further develop their skills and understanding.
● Research artists using the school library or online. Many artists, crafts people and designers have websites with video tutorials.

YouTube is also very helpful to see artists demonstrating different media and techniques and producing their own work.

Useful websites: