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GGSE Design & Technology

Subject Leader: Mr R Fowler
What Specification (syllabus) is being taught?
AQA Design and Technology
Specification code: 8552
QAN code: 603/0984/2
● Written exam 50%
● Coursework (NEA) 50%
What are the key topics and themes? When will they be taught?
Year 9 :
In Year 9 Design and Technology, the students' learning focuses on how to be creative and produce innovative ideas by extracting and merging shapes and patterns from a variety of different sources, such as nature, architecture and products from around the home. Alongside this we develop their 3D drawing skills to enable them to communicate their ideas with more clarity and accuracy.

We develop their practical skills further with a project to produce a door storage product that is made from a variety of different materials which uses a wide range of making processes including computer aided design and computer aided manufacture.

Students theory also focuses on:
Form over function
How to avoid design fixation
Designing for a target audience
Designing with constraints.
Machine and tool safety
Understanding mechanical and physical properties of wood, metals and polymers.
Year 10
In year 10 Design and Technology, the students' learning focuses on both theory work and practical skills, building on the work learnt in Year 9 they develop their knowledge and understanding further by tackling a design problem with their own choice of outcome personalised to their target audience and needs.

Theoretically, students focus on:
New and emerging technologies
Energy generation
Wood, metal, polymers, paper and boards and textile types and properties
Curriculum Information
GCSE Design Technology: Resistant
Forces and stresses
Improving functionality
Scales of production
The work of other designers
Component materials, tolerances, tools and equipment
Techniques and finishes

On 1st June AQA release 3 design contexts, they must select one. This forms the starting point to their research design, development, make and evaluate coursework (non-exam assessment) folder which continues through into Y11 and is worth 50% of their qualification.

Year 11
In year 11 Design and Technology, students will utilise their prior knowledge from Years 9/10 to complete their non-exam assessment, this includes gathering primary and secondary research, producing design ideas that they investigate practically to gain knowledge as to whether they have potential to be used or not, produce the chosen design and evaluate its ability to meet its needs for its chosen target audience.

The theory is predominantly delivered during Y10 and part of Y11 to allow time to complete the c/w during Y11.
How will my son or daughter be assessed? When do these assessments take place?
The course comprises a design based coursework folder and one theory examination.
Coursework begins on June 1st in Year 10 and continues through into Y11.

The student has to select one of 3 different contexts set by AQA. The c/w is made up of 6 sections and are worth the following:

Research 10%, Design brief and specification 10%, Initial ideas 20%,
Developmental models 20%, final practical product 20% and evaluation 20%.

One examination paper worth 50% of qualification
Duration is 2hrs. Made up of:
Core technical principles (20 marks)
Specialist technical principles (30 marks)
Designing and making principles (50 marks)

In summary:
Non Exam Assessment – 50% of GCSE – (June Y10 – February Y11)
Written Exam – worth 50% of GCSE (Revision takes place from February-May)
What can my son or daughter do to support their learning at home?
What materials are provided or available online?
Students can use the newly published AQA revision guide to assist their revision. These are available from the Design and Technology department.

Each student in Y11 is given the AQA Design and Technology text book which covers all of the content necessary to access the theory for the exam.