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“I have come in order that you might have life - life in all it's fulness. John 10:10”
In English we strive to develop all students’ literacy skills, fostering a love of reading that will allow a lifelong passion for literature. We seek to improve the cultural capital of students across all Key Stages by using a variety of texts from different times, places and perspectives.
Mr Carberry ~ Leader of Learning English
English Statement Of Intent

Core Objectives

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum, tailored to different abilities to allow all students the opportunity to excel in English. 

To provide opportunities within each unit for students to demonstrate resilience, develop good character and life skills

To support and challenge students to reach their individual full potential

Key Principle 1 - Gospel Values

Use class discussion and individual reflection activities to support students in exploring and developing their faith alongside their understanding of what is it to be a responsible and thoughtful citizen


 To explore issues of morality, of right and wrong, perceptions of good and bad, and Gospel values through both fiction and non-fiction texts

Key Principle 2 - Powerful Knowledge

To provide inspiring stimulus to develop students’ readingand writing skills; across a range of fiction and non-fiction texts that challenge students’ preconceptions and prior

Students will be empowered to present their ideas in an informed and articulate manner, using rhetoric to deliver their arguments and opinions

To study across the breadth of the literary canon, with depth studies of significant writers including Shakespeare and Dickens, whilst exploring texts from different cultures and traditions.

Key Principle 3 - Enrichment

Students, from all backgrounds, will be given the opportunity to study texts from a range of contexts; this will provide an introduction to the literary canon as well as contemporary texts that will continue to challenge and inspire.

Alongside the in class curriculum the English Department is committed to ensuring a full range of extra-curricular activities take place, including but not exclusive to: theatre
trips, reading groups, creative writing workshops and competitions, public speaking and external debate competitions