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“I have come in order that you might have life - life in all it's fulness. John 10:10”
“In Geography our curriculum ensures that students understand the complex nature of planet Earth by appreciating how humans interact with the physical world. We intend to empower students with transferable skills and powerful knowledge to become ‘Global Citizens’; citizens who can successfully participate in society and understand their Catholic responsibility to care for our common world.” 
Miss Crompton ~ Leader of Learning
Geography Curriculum Intent
Core Objectives
To provide a broad and balanced Geography curriculum that gives students an
appreciation of both the human and physical world and how they interact.
This will encompass both traditional and contemporary issues that allow
students to appreciate the wider world.

● Gospel values will be at the heart of many topics we deliver thus contributing to their spiritual growth; teaching our young people how and why it is important to care for the world and the people within it.

● To equip students with the knowledge, understanding and transferable skills needed to be global citizens and/or for future careers.
Key Principle 1 - Gospel Values
To develop student’s understanding of what it means to be a ‘global citizen’.
We want to highlight the importance of respecting, appreciating and caring for the world we live in; it is our Catholic responsibility to do so. This will be done by exploring important world issues via topics such as ‘Green Issues’ and ‘Ecosystems Under Threat’.

● To support students understanding, empathy and compassion for people of different backgrounds and culture, especially for those that are less fortunate in topics such as ‘Our Unequal World’.

● To encourage students to actively put these values into practice by promoting
sustainability and charitable work within the school community.

● To promote the teachings of the Church demonstrated by figures such as St Francis (our Patron Saint) and Pope Francis (“…care for our common home")
Key Principle 2 - Powerful Knowledge
To provide students with the knowledge, skills and values they need to engage with their own locality and the wider world around them. Students should understand how the natural world interacts with the people living within it.

● Topics at KS3 are carefully selected to provide students with a balanced and broad curriculum. This includes an equal mix of human and physical topics and these range from traditional to contemporary Geographical ideas.  Additionally, topics compliment the AQA course without repeating them with the intention that we will provide students with the powerful knowledge needed to contextualise GCSE content effectively (e.g. population and development).

● At GCSE and A Level, case studies are chosen with the aim to reduce the content heavy exam specifications but to still allow students breadth of knowledge of the world around them. Additionally, KS4 topics are chunked into small sections so that interleaving can take place. This has been done with the level of difficulty in mind, purposely leaving more challenging concepts for Y11.

● To develop students transferable skills from Key Stage 3 onwards with the goal of equipping students with vital skills needed to be successful in their education and career pathways, Geographical or not.
Key Principle 3 - Enrichment
To provide each key stage with an opportunity to enrich their Geographical studies outside of the classroom. These will include both compulsory trips as part of the exam specifications and extra-curricular trips.

● Topics have been ordered with a careful consideration of what the students will already know. This is with the intention that it will maximise student’s success of accessing the new content by building ‘cultural capital’ via topic structure. Cultural capital will be built through the use of newspaper articles and visual stimuli.

● Enrichment activities will link to gospel values and ethos of the school – ‘Wonderful World Calendar’ raises money for the school’s charity and celebrates the beauty of the world