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Year 8 Geography

Subject Leader: Miss D Crompton
General information about the subject
In Geography we study the complex nature of planet Earth by appreciating how humans interact with the physical world.

In Year 8 we focus on learning and developing lots of key Geographical skills that will help students be successful throughout the whole course of their time at The Becket School.

These range from subject specific skills such as OS map skills to wider transferable skills such as developing detailed arguments and analysing resources.
What topics are taught?
When will they be taught?
Our Crowded Planet, Tourism, Hazards, Superpowers and Hydrology

Year 8 students will study Geography three times per fortnight.
How will my son or daughter be assessed?
When do these assessments take place?
We will assess your son or daughter on a weekly basis via low stakes quizzes in class. This will test their ability to retain key information as we work through each topic.

Within each topic there will be a series of small learner checks which will vary in style to develop different skills. For example, some may be knowledge based exam questions. Others may be an extended piece of writing for one question.
What can my son or daughter do to support their learning at home?
What materials are provided or available online?
Students are given a Knowledge Book at the start of the year which includes all of the key information for that topic, including glossaries and retrieval quizzes at the back. Students should use these to revise key content and learn key terms through self-quizzing.

Additionally, BBC KS3 Bitesize is a great website to use for extra information, revision videos and quizzes.