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“I have come in order that you might have life - life in all it's fulness. John 10:10”
“developing passionate, confident linguists; ready to take their place as world citizens” 
Mrs Simpson ~ Leader of Learning
German - Curriculum Intent
Key Principle 1 - Gospel Values
Making the right moral choices. Emphasis on this morality as part of their moral values. It is who I am.

British values – acceptance & tolerance of other people and their rights in a multicultural nation. Broadening horizons so that students are outward-facing i.e. links to our Bunkpurugu Missionin Ghana
Key Principle 2 - Powerful Knowledge
Powerful knowledge is organised into Knowledge Books in all years and subjects. Students have access to key course Knowledge. These are used as a tool in class and at home to ensure any gaps in learning are filled.

Parallel texts encapsulate key powerful knowledge (higher level vocabulary and structures) in context.

Powerful knowledge is drilled rigorously in KS3 with a focus on phonetic comprehension, speaking and listening to build personal confidence and a strong foundation for further study.

The four key strands of language study are developed.

Listening – students can listen for specific details, using their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar to support their work.

Speaking – students can speak spontaneously on a range of topics and are able to hold a conversation in which they can give and justify their opinions. They can communicate their message.

Reading – students can read and understand a variety of texts and can answer comprehension questions to a detailed level. They can use their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar to support their work.

Writing – students can write about a range of topics and can give and justify their opinions.
Key Principle 3 - Enrichment
Provision of trips abroad so that students can practise their language skills in a genuine setting and gain a cultural insight into the country of study.

Broadening the mind to experience cultures other than our own and to be open to learning new languages (European Day of Languages, French & German plays).

Fostering cross-curricular links to enable students to put their learning into context and to transfer skills.