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GGSE Computer Science

Subject Leader: Mr J Muldoon
What Specification (syllabus) is being taught?
OCR Computer Science
What are the key topics and themes? When will they be taught?
Topic 1: Problem Solving – You will be expected to develop a set of computational thinking skills that enable you to understand how computer systems work, and design, implement and analyse algorithms for solving problems.

Topic 2: Programming – You should be competent at designing, reading, writing and debugging computer programs.

Topic 3: Data - Computers store and manipulate large quantities of data. You will be expected to learn how different types of data are represented in a computer using binary data.

Topic 4: Computers – You will be familiar with the hardware and software components that make up a computer system and recognise that computers take many forms from embedded microprocessors to distributed clouds.

Topic 5: Communication and the Internet - Many computer applications in use today would not be possible without networks. You should understand the key principles behind the organisation of computer networks.

Topic 6: The Bigger Picture - You should be aware of the influence of emerging trends in computing technology and of their impact on the world in which we live
How will my son or daughter be assessed? When do these assessments take place?
Component 1 (50%) 1hr 30mins Computer systems
Component 2 (50%) 1hr 30mins Computational thinking, algorithms and programming
Component 3 - 20 hours Programming Project
What can my son or daughter do to support their learning at home?
What materials are provided or available online?
- Use their Computer Science revision guides.
- Use Google Classroom look at the section on revision.
- Make use of their classwork booklets and exam papers.
- Use of the websites below
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