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A Level Core Mathematics

Subject Leader: Mr T Pickup
What specification (syllabus) is being taught?
AQA Certificate Level 3 Mathematical Studies
(Option A Statistical techniques)
General overview
Level 3 Mathematical Studies is also known as Core Maths and is a qualification designed to improve student’s confidence in Mathematics and to support their learning in other A-level subjects. Core Maths looks at key skills needed to collect, analyse and interpret statistical data. It also covers many areas of personal finance including; how to interpret a payslip, which savings accounts are best, understanding mortgages and calculating the cost of student loans.
Who should take this course?
Students who are studying A-levels which contain some level of mathematical content (but who are not studying A-level Mathematics). A-levels which contain some mathematical content and therefore the student would benefit from taking Core Maths are: 

Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology.
What are the entry requirements?
Grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics
What are the key topics and themes? When will
they be taught?
The key topics are:

Critical Analysis
Analysis of Data
Maths for personal finance
Statistical techniques
How will students be assessed? 
When do these assessments take place?
Students will be assessed through two exam papers. Each paper is 1.5hours long and
will take place during the summer exam period in Year 12.
What can students do for revision at home? What materials are provided or available online?
To prepare for this course students need to be confident with key skills taught at GCSE, in particular skills related to percentages, interpreting data and analysing data. 

Material will not be provided as students can use material from their GCSE Mathematics course to prepare.