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A Level  Further  Mathematics

Subject Leader: Mr T Pickup
What specification (syllabus) is being taught?
Pearson Edexcel A Level Further Mathematics
General overview
The aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to understand
mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence,
fosters enjoyment and provides a strong foundation for progress to further study.
Students will be able to extend their range of mathematics skills and techniques
obtained in GCSE, and use these to solve challenging problems and generalise
mathematically through algebraic concepts and modelling, as well as be aware of
the relevance of mathematics to the world of work and to situations in society in

Further Mathematicians have the opportunity to study A Level concepts in more
depth, as well as studying mathematical concepts that are often continued in Higher

Students who study Further Mathematicians will have the opportunity to be
entered for an AS level exam in Year 12
Who should take this course?
A student who is looking to:

- extend their range of mathematical skills and techniques
- understand coherence and progression in mathematics
- see how different areas of mathematics are connected
- apply mathematics in other fields of study
- use their mathematical knowledge to make logical and reasoned decisions in solving problems both within pure mathematics and in a variety of contexts
- recognise when mathematics can be used to analyse and solve a problem in context
- reason logically and recognise incorrect reasoning
- construct mathematical proofs
- make deductions and inferences and draw conclusions by using mathematics reasoning
- read and comprehend mathematical arguments, including justifications of methods and formulae, and communicate their understanding
- take increasing responsibility for their own learning and the evaluation of their own mathematical development.
What are the entry requirements?
Grade 7 or more at GCSE Higher Mathematics (Grade 8 or more is preferable)
What are the key topics and themes? When will
they be taught?
Year 1  Core Pure:
- Complex Numbers
Curriculum Information
A Level Further Maths
- Argand Diagrams
- Series
- Roots of Polynomials
- Volumes of Revolutions
- Matrices
- Linear Transformations
- Proof by Induction
- Vectors

Year 1  Further Statistics 1:
Discrete Random Variables
- Poisson Distributions and Hypothesis Testing
- Chi-squared Tests

Year 1 Further Mechanics 1:
- Momentum and Impulse
- Work, Energy and Power
- Elastic Collisions in One Dimension
Year 2 Core Pure:
- Complex Numbers
- Series
- Methods in Calculus
- Volume of Revolution
- Polar Coordinates
- Hyperbolic Functions
- Methods in Differential Equations
- Modelling with Differential Equations

Year 2  Further Statistics 1
- Geometric and Negative Binomial Distributions
- Geometric Distribution Hypothesis Testing
- Central Limit Theorem
- Probability Generating Functions
- Quality of Tests

Year 2 Further Mechanics 1:
- Elastic Springs and Strings
- Elastic Collisions in Two Dimensions
How will students be assessed? 
When do these assessments take place?
End of Year 12 (AS-Level Qualification)
All of the assessments from the AS-Level Mathematics course plus,
Two AS-Level Papers [each worth a 50% of the qualification]
- Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics (1 hour 40 minutes)
- Paper 2: Further Statistics and Further Mechanics (1 hour 40 minutes)

End of Year 13 (A-Level Qualification)
All of the assessments from the AS-Level Mathematics course plus,
Four A-Level Papers [each worth a 25% of the qualification]
- Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics (1 hour 30 minutes)
- Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics (1 hour 30 minutes)
- Paper 3: Further Statistics 1 (1 hour 30 minutes)
- Paper 4: Further Mechanics 1 (1 hour 30 minutes)
What can students do for revision at home? What materials are provided or available online?
Pure 1 & 2 and Statistics and Mechanics 1 & 2 Practise Books:
- These provide additional questions and problems to run alongside the main textbooks. Easily available to buy (e.g. from Amazon).

Useful Websites with lots of supporting material (exam questions/videos/etc.):
- Maths and Physics Tutor (
- Maths Genie (
- Dr. Frost (
- Crash Maths (