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Year 7 Mathematics

Subject Leader: Mr Pickup 
General information about the subject
In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) we follow the White Rose Maths Scheme of Work, which has a focus on mastery teaching and learning.

The aim of our Mastery curriculum is to enable our pupils to develop deeper understanding of fundamental mathematical knowledge that underpins areas of Number, Algebra, Geometry, Ratio and Proportion and Data and Statistics – all of which are studied at GCSE.

Students are placed into sets in the November of Year 7 and these are regularly reviewed throughout the two years. All classes are taught the same topics at the same time to ensure consistency across the groups and to best prepare students to start their GCSE courses at the start of Year 9.
What topics are taught?
When will they be taught?
Advent 1 Topics
• Sequences
• Understanding and using algebraic notation
• Equality and equivalence
Advent 2 Topics
• Place value and ordering integers and decimals
• Fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence
Lent 1 Topics
• Solving problems with addition and subtraction
• Solving problems with multiplication and division
Lent 2 Topics
• Four operations with directed numbers
• Addition and subtraction of fractions
Pentecost 1 Topics
• Constructing, measuring and using geometric notation
• Developing geometric reasoning
Pentecost 2 Topics
• Developing number sense
• Sets and probability
• Prime numbers and proof
How will my son or daughter be assessed?
When do these assessments take place?
All Year 7 students complete a Baseline Assessment in their first week at The Becket to allow us to plan effectively to meet their needs.

At the end of the first half term, we have an assessment on all work covered to that point, the results of which contribute to us placing students into sets in November.

For the rest of Year 7 and 8, students are assessed at the end of each half term on work covered to date. We have end of year exams in both years that fall within the school’s timetabled exam week.
What can my son or daughter do to support their learning at home?
What materials are provided or available online?