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“I have come in order that you might have life - life in all it's fulness.  John 10:10”
“In Music our curriculum is inclusive and is designed to stimulate and develop curiosity in a wide range of
musical styles, including music from different cultures and periods in history.” 
Miss M Jackson ~ Leader of Learning
Music - Curriculum Intent
Core Objectives
To stimulate and/or maintain students curiosity, interest and enjoyment in a wide range of Arts activities and not just Music
● Music should be accessible to all students.

● To enable students to be familiar with a bank of subject specific knowledge, skills, principles and vocabulary and allow opportunities for development.

● The Department is committed to raising the standard and profile of Music within the school and Community and in supporting the Catholic ethos of the school.

● The Department aims to utilise a wide range of teaching methods and is committed to pupil centred learning. In which all pupils irrespective of gender, ethnic origin and ability have equal access to the subject and are encouraged to develop not only subject specific skills, but also promote confidence, communication, social
interaction and respect for one another and the world in which they live.

● To develop awareness in students of the importance of Music (past and present) and its relationship to past and future human experience.
Key Principle 1 - Gospel Values
Staff should refer work to the Catholic ethos of the school and other subjects when appropriate.

Work Hard:
Staff should encourage students to pursue a piece of work overtime using various media and to develop resilience.

Staff should use the school reward system to recognise achievement in Music and to encourage students to achieve their full potential.

Be Kind:
Work on their own, in groups of different sizes and as a class, showing awareness for others and their surroundings.

Critically appraise and evaluate work-taking account of venue and occasion.
Experience a range of work either live or recorded from different times and cultures, including work by well-known artists and performers.

Students should be encouraged to share experiences and skills with one another.

Do the Right Thing:
Lessons should be conducted in a secure, supportive and disciplined manner fostering an atmosphere of respect for one another.

Students should be made aware at all times of health and safety aspects and correct use of equipment, especially in relation to extracurricular activities and independent work.
Key Principle 2 - Powerful Knowledge
Staff should provide a variety of experiences and activities during a project in line with the principles outlined in the schemes of work and from examples of good practice.

● The National Curriculum for Music at Key Stage 3 and the G.C.S.E, BTEC and A level requirements from subject specifications should be used as a basis for any schemes of work.

● Staff should encourage students to recall and apply their knowledge and skills at all times. In particular key topic words should be used and where possible displayed.

● Students should be set regular homework that has a direct relationship with the project and a clear purpose.
Key Principle 3 - Enrichment
To extend the curriculum beyond that offered in the timetable. Through: - reinforcing work already studied or by providing opportunities not already encountered. Provision of opportunities for visitors/specialists to interact with a committed audience. Organisation of visits to venues of specific interest. Opportunities to develop a project or enter a competition or festival. Such events can only enhance the image and reputation of the individuals and the School.

● To allow pupils of all abilities and different ages to interact.

● The Department is committed to offering a variety of extra curricular activities wherever and whenever practicable considering the demands upon staffing cost and time.

● All activities must be organised with the safety of the participants a major consideration.

● The results of an extra curricular activity, including photographs and video should be stored and form the basis of display work and reports written for school newsletters and shared with students.

The Department maintains links with the Community through its extra curricular activities as detailed above. Links are also established with the City and County Music Service and local Universities through pupil and staff involvement.

The Department also has strong links with Community groups such as Rotary and the schools facilities are regularly used by outside organisations.