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Year 8 Physical Education

Subject Leader: Mr D Marlow
General information about the subject
The PE curriculum is designed to be enjoyable, but at the same time develop and stimulate the students physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

It aims to provide an equal opportunity of learning experiences in games, gymnastics, dance, athletics and outdoor activities. 

For students to attain powerful knowledge in PE they will be taught a range of core and advanced motor skills, decision making and tactical awareness skills and develop physical attributes for 5 activity areas of PE.

This foundation of motor skills and PE knowledge will give students a pathway into the GCSE PE course.
What topics are taught?
When will they be taught?
In Year 7 students will be taught physical activities and core knowledge in 5 Areas of Activity including football, basketball, gymnastics, dance, hockey, badminton, cricket, tennis, athletics, handball, health and fitness, and rounders.

The students will have two lessons a week and each activity will be taught over an 8 lesson block . 

Students will also have an opportunity to extend their knowledge and practical prowess in extra-curricular practices and fixtures. These will take place at lunchtime and afterschool and are available for all students
How will my son or daughter be assessed?
When do these assessments take place?
In the final week of each teaching block students will be assessed in each practical activity in the following areas:

- Range of Skills
- Quality of Skills
- Physical Attributes
- Decision Making
- Core Knowledge

During each lesson there will also be low stakes quizzes and retrieval exercises to encourage and develop core knowledge within each activity.
What can my son or daughter do to support their learning at home?
What materials are provided or available online?
- Practice Core and Advanced skills in the different practical activities
- Join external clubs and groups to develop their prowess in the different activities
- Use the Year 7 Knowledge Organiser to self quiz and revise Core Knowledge for each activity
- Watch, listen and read about the different physical activities via different forms of media

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