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A Level Religious Studies

Subject Leader: Mrs H Coe
What specification (syllabus) is being taught?
Edexcel – A Level Religious Studies
General overview
Does God exist? What makes you a good person? Is the Bible a history book or a work of
fiction? A-Level Religious studies covers a wide-range of life’s biggest questions involving faith and much more
Who should take this course?
Religious Studies is considered a classical subject and therefore complements other
humanities such as Literature, History and Languages. As a written subject that requires
students to demonstrate analysis and balanced arguments, Religious Studies is applicable to a wide range of courses and jobs, from Medicine to the Arts.
What are the entry requirements?
Grade 5 – RE (or equivalent subject title)
(RE is not a requirement, English grades can be taken into consideration.)
What are the key topics and themes? When will
they be taught?
The Course
• Philosophy of Religion covers the arguments for and against the existence of God,
a study of evil in the world and an analysis of the contribution of key scholars like
Freud, Marx and Russell.

• Religious Ethics navigates how to make good decisions. Are good actions measured
by what makes us happy, or what brings us closer to God? Can you be a good
person if you aren’t religious? It also covers modern topics such as war, sex,
medicine and the environment.

• New Testament Studies is the opportunity to look at The Bible and go beyond the
text. It’s an exploration of the people, times and cultures that forged the most
famous book in history. No prior knowledge is required because we will be
studying it in a way you’ve never studied it before.
How will students be assessed? 
When do these assessments take place?
Religious Studies is a linear subject, therefore the certified formal assessments are in the 2nd Year during A level exams. However, each unit of the course is internally assessed to track learning and progression.
What can students do for revision at home? What materials are provided or available online?
The RE department at The Becket School prides itself as an early adopter of online learning platforms and therefore has advanced knowledge and use of technology such as Google Classroom and Loom that students can access in preparation for their A-Levels.

Students can also prepare for the course by visiting which outlines the course in more depth as well as providing a range of interactive resources to introduce students to the topic areas.