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Year 8 Science

Subject Leader: Mr G Bradley
General information about the subject
The aim of Key Stage 3 Science is to enable our students to gain fundamental scientific knowledge that will help prepare them for studies at Key Stage 4 and allow them to navigate the world beyond the classroom. 

They will become competent practically by developing skills to allow them to follow scientific methods safely using correctly identified equipment and then evaluate data.

Throughout their studies, students at The Becket School will gain scientific literacy, having an understanding of some of the terminology used within science and develop their numeracy skills to manipulate data and carry out calculations. Their
understanding of the nature of science will grow to appreciate the roles of peer review, objective approaches and how new evidence is used to develop new theories.

Our hope is that our students will cultivate a love of science that will continue with them into adulthood.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is based on the national curriculum and uses the Activate scheme as a basis for some of the lesson design. Topics are ordered so that students build on the following fundamental ideas:

- Linking the structure and function of living organisms
- The particle model as the key to understanding the properties
- Interactions of matter and energy resources and the means of transfer of this energy
What topics are taught?
When will they be taught?
Year 8 builds on scientific ideas already developed in Year 7, going into more detail about the applications of Science already covered. The topics are arranged into four blocks throughout the year, with each block containing a Biology, Chemistry and Physics topic:

BLOCK 1: Health and lifestyle, Periodic table, Electricity and magnetism
BLOCK 2: Ecosystems, Separation techniques, Energy
BLOCK 3: Adaptation and inheritance, Metals and acids, Pressure and motion
BLOCK 4: Fertility, The Earth

The “Fertility” topic is timed at the end of the academic year to coincide with the RE department’s work on relationships and includes our work on sex education. A copy of this topic can be accessed at any time in the main school office, including the resources that will be used.
How will my son or daughter be assessed?
When do these assessments take place?
Each topic is between five to nine lessons in length and is assessed with an end of topic test. The end of topic test includes exam style questions on the topic they have completed plus questions from previous topics and questions on practical science.

A range of teaching and learning styles are used across the topics and there is opportunity for teacher-led lessons, as well as independent learning tasks throughout the year, varying from topic-to-topic. In addition, depending on the topic being studied, the hope is to complete practical work in between a half to a third of all Science lessons.
What can my son or daughter do to support their learning at home?
What materials are provided or available online?
- Use a CGP KS3 Science revision guide that they can purchase from the
- Make use of their knowledge booklets
- Make use of Seneca
- Make use of Quizlet
-Access BBC bitesize

For purchase or subscription: