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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

What is anxiety
Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry or fear. We all feel anxious at times, such as, if we have an exam coming up, but anxiety may be a mental health problem if your feelings are very strong or last a long time.
Just some of the symptoms of anxiety
Anxiety can affect both your body physically and your mind

Recurring fears and worries 
Drop in school grades
Refusing to go to school
Sensitive to criticism
Trouble concentrating
Extreme self-consciousness
Avoidance of difficult or new situations
Chronic complaints about stomach aches or headaches
Repeated reassurance-seeking
Problems sleeping
Substance use

  The first stop if you think you are experiencing anxiety
Beating Your Worries is a useful booklet to use to support your child if they are struggling with anxiety

It is produced by Sophie Wragg and is aimed at children aged 9 +.

A lovely self help guide which can answer many questions you may have.

 is a unique and award-winning resource to help young people understand different types of anxiety and how to manage them, including panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, generalised anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.
A site by Childline with lots of help and advice including breathing and yoga techniques.

When you have a panic attack, it can feel scary and overwhelming. But you are not alone and you can get through it. Here’s some information and advice that can help you.
Understanding and coping with anxiety video.  Very good useful information to help you overcome your anxiety
How anxiety and stress work in your brain! This teaches us some tips and coping strategies that can help calm your 'survival brain' and 'emotional brain', get your 'smart brain' back
Creative Ways to cope with stress and axniety
Workbook For Anxiety
workbook for teens covering a range of topics.