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Help Your Friend

Offer your support to a friend
Your friend may approach you for advice or just to talk to you about how they are feeling.  You may find it hard to know what to say to them, this is normal.

They will be relieved to know there is someone who wants to listen to them, just let them talk, they may open up. 

Try not to interupt them, let them speak, they may say they need help, if they do ask if they would like you to do someting for them.  You must remember though, that you are not expected to fix their problems.

If you can, ask them to talk to an adult  that they trust.

Remember there is help for both your friend and yourself.
Within school we have a number of people you can talk to.

We have our very own Mental Health First Aiders, who are fully qualified staff equipped to help you and your friend, they are;

Mrs Nicholls Mrs Parnell Mr Bryan Mr Monkman Miss Edwards
Mrs Batley Mr Hall Mrs Vaughan Miss Daniels Ms Mundell
Mrs Virgo Mr Griffin Mrs Shenton

Please approach any of them
Must see video to help yourself or a friend to cope with mental health
Heads Above Water Website  - Great advice if you have a friend who self harms
Young Minds Website  - Great source of information for both you and your friend
Childline - Has a wealth of help and information
The Mix - Get support for your friend 24/7
The Samaritans Nottingham - Get local help & support for both you and your friend