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Low Mood & Depression

What is Depression?
Depression is when you continue to feel sadness or low mood for longer than two weeks.
Just some of the symptoms of Depression & Low Mood
  • Crying a lot
  • Changes at home, school or friends that make you stressed
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Feeling irritable, grumpy or angry
  • You feel as though you have no energy
  • You cannot seem to concentrate
  • You feel worthless
  • You feel emotional 
  • Feeling tired and exhausted a lot of the time
  • You are not interested in things you used to enjoy doing or taking part in
  • You seem to eat less or more than you used to do
  • You have thoughts of suicide or harming yourself

REMEMBER - Help is always at hand
CAHMS Anxiety intervention pack.  The first stop if you think you are experiencing anxiety

In collaboration with WHO to mark World Mental Health Day, writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone tells the story of overcoming the "black dog of depression".
A site by Childline with lots of help and advice including breathing and yoga techniques.
Coping with Stress
Simple calming exercises to try
Why am I sad?
Ways of coping with sadness.
Sad feelings—like all emotions—are just a natural part of
life. But it doesn't feel good to stay sad for a long time
Depression Leaflet
How do you know if you are depressed?

If you think you might have depression, you're not alone. Find out more about this common, treatable condition and what to do if you're affected by it.