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Sleep Problems

What things can cause you problems sleeping?
  • You may be having worries or be anxious about something
  • You may have nightmares, dreams or night terrors
  • You may stay up late watching TV, gaming or staring at your phone or tablet screen, this may alter your sleep patterns.
  • If you have had a drink near bedtime which contains caffeine, i.e. coffee, pop, or energy drink
Things you can do to help
Set yourself a time to go to sleep, set an alarm on your phone or watch and stick to it.  If you try this for a whole week you may start to relax and have restful sleep.
 It is recommended that you try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Instead of taking your tablet, laptop or phone to bed with you, try reading a book, keep a diary or listen to music instead of staring at a screen.

Try not to drink anything near your bedtime, this will stop you having to wake go to the toilet and if you normally drink a caffeine or sugary drink they are known to keep you awake.

Dreams and nightmares are both common, they may be frightening sometimes.  It helps to talk to someone about them.  They may be due to you seeing something scary on the TV or something that may have happened at school.

Night terrors are usually more scary for your parent or carer as you seem to be awake when in fact you are asleep.  They occur when you are stressed about something. These usually do pass in time but if your parent or carer are concerned they can ask you to see a GP with them.

We all have problems with sleeping, waking, or having bad dreams sometimes. If sleep issues are affecting you, we can help you tackle them.

The helpline is open between 7pm and 9pm five days a week, Sunday to Thursday.
Helpline number 03303 530 541

A super leaflet with tips and tricks
The important thing is to deal with the worries so they don’t impact on your mental health and your sleep.
Screen activity too close to bedtime can cause you problems sleeping
You can't help that you feel awake long past your bedtime
You can't seem to fit everything into your day so sleep suffers
Getting to bed at the same time each night and winding down in the hour before bed are key to helping your routine.