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Useful Apps

The Stay Alive app is a pocket suicide prevention resource for the UK, packed full of useful information to help you stay safe. You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide.
The urge to self harm is like a wave
It feels the most powerful when you start wanting to do it.
Learn to ride the wave with the free Calm Harm app using these activities:
Comfort, Distract, Express Yourself, Release, Random and Breathe.
When you ride the wave, the urge to self-harm will fade.

Helping users resist the urge to self harm.

It is a beautiful world, built to guide you through your darkest moments during grief & Sadness

Learn how to make healthy choices for your mind and body.  Play the game and look after your dragon.

This App teaches mindfulness meditation to improve your wellbeing

Developed by the NHS.  This is an interactive mood diary for monitoring and understanding emotional wellbeing.

This App allows you to track your moods

Practice your daily meditation and mindfulness exercises from any device.

Smiling Mind is a unique tool developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to your life.

We suggest 10 minutes a day.

What are you waiting for?

Being stressed out sucks because stress turns your brain to goo, stopping you making decisions and piling up until it feels like your head’s going to explode.

But what if you could turn your screen into a stress-relief tool? Simply hatch a Stresshead below and relax as you chase your very own pet peeve around until you catch it and smash it. And while you’re doing that, you can get great advice – helping you deal with all kinds of life stress, such as exam pressure

Eating disorder management from the privacy of your mobile phone.

Eating disorder recovery tools it can log your meals your emotions and thoughts.  Also information and help with body image mindfulness.