Students are now able to borrow eBooks from our eBook library, ePlatform. The eBook library includes popular and best-selling fiction titles for children and young people. It will offer your child access to books every day of the year, including during the school holidays.

Students can have 2 books out on loan at any one time, these will automatically be returned after 2 weeks. Alternatively, your child can return them earlier than this in order to borrow and read a new book.

The books on offer are age-related which means that your child can read books that are age appropriate.
The eBooks can be read on a computer or through the free App on devices such as tablets or smartphones.
Reading through your web browser on a computer
To access the eBook library click the icon above, then students need to log in using their Becket School username and password.

They can browse the collection, search for a specific book title or author and then borrow a book of their choice. It will be assigned to them for a period of 2 weeks.
Reading on a device via the App
Firstly, download the App, from your relevant App store via the links below.
Your child will then need to enter their Becket School username and password and search for a book to read. Using the App, the book will be temporarily downloaded to the device and your child will not need an internet connection to read their chosen book.

Your child will have been shown a short video about how to access ePlatform in a recent English lesson and this is now available on Google Classroom.